​​​Better by design, Computershare Loan Services is a visionary end to end mortgage operations partner for originators and loan owners, supporting your needs with value effectiveness and accuracy.

Leveraging the broad strengths of our expert teams, we provide unparalleled experience, products, services and solutions for the mortgage industry.​​​​​​​​​

You can access our tried and tested expertise from the initial origination and fulfillment of a loan, right through secondary marketing, servicing to retention.​​​​

  • Secondary Marketing Services
    Arm your business with CMC's co-issue servicing acquisition platform, a full suite of incentives and discounts, risk management services & MSR valuations solutions.
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  • Origination + Fulfillment
    Discover high-touch, US based origination fulfillment and due diligence services for the residential mortgage industry, including underwriting, processing, closing and more.
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  • Servicing
    Delivering superior portfolio performance across a wide range of residential mortgage servicing solutions for the financial and investment banking industries.

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  • Asset Valuation + Management
    Offering investors, servicers and originators collateral valuation, asset management, and title solutions spanning a full suite of products and services to inform decision-making.
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Why CLS?

Through the integration of best-in-class experience in all areas of the mortgage lifecycle, we are best positioned to offer the ultimate in mortgage products and services to our clients, whether you’re a local bank, a homeowner, or an investor in need of private label servicing.

 Our values

​By integrating best-in-class solutions in all areas of the mortgage lifecycle, we have created Computershare Loan Services, designed to support the entire lifecycle of a mortgage loan.​ Our approach is based on three long-held attributes:​​

The backing of a global company

Our global footprint means we have the scale to maintain robust compliance, audit, risk, and business continuity planning programs – offering peace of mind to our clients and their customers.
21 Countries
12000 Employees
16000 Clients

Join our team

Are you looking for more than a job? Are you looking for an opportunity to build a career with talented people and great benefits? If you’re looking for a company that creates career-building opportunities, Computershare offers great possibilities.
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