​​​Complete transfer-to-recovery servicing.

​As a leader in default servicing, we have optimized portfolios through our end-to-end solutions since 2003. We strive to maximize returns on non-performing loans — for both existing and newly acquired portfolios by combining strategic analysis with our proprietary loss mitigation technology. We will work with you to determine your overall portfolio strategy and to provide detailed loan performance reviews along the way!​

Our goal is to return loans to performing status, but when that is not possible, we facilitate the foreclosure process and arrange for REO disposition, if necessary.​ 

  • Retention
    Borrowers have access to our loan modification programs, repayment and forbearance plans, which increase cash flows, while keeping borrowers in their homes.
  • Liquidation
    SLS facilitates the liquidation process with short refinance options, short sales, deed-in-lieu, as well as proven foreclosure strategies.

The recognized leader in special servicing


585000 Performing and non-performing loans
95 Billion unpaid balances
1300 employees

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