We provide private label processing solutions that can reduce costs and provide additional capacity – all as a fully compliant loan fulfillment partner.​​​​​​​​

 Loan processing is time consuming, why not let us help?

​Credit Risk Solutions' expert processors will work directly with your loan officers or borrowers to ensure all loan documentation is complete and accurate.

Our services include:

  • Review all initial documentation, including 1003, W2's, pay stubs, 1008 to ensure complete information
  • Generate and verify applicable disclosures
  • Order appraisal, title, insurance and other third-party services
  • Order and review verificatons, including VOE, VOM and VOD
  • Clear conditions
  • Order closing documents
  • Reconcile closing figures and disclosures
  • Coordinate funding



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Our team deploys decades of industry knowledge and expertise to meet the ever-changing industry landscape. Utilizing a cross-functional approach, we engage extensive quality assurance, key performance indicators and compliance reviews to ensure accuracy and transparency.​
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