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​As an appraisal management company, we have a wide range of innovative appraisal and valuation products, designed to help you with fast, reliable, and informed decision making.​​

AI Technology - Introducing MobileInspect

​Leading-Edge Application Technology

> Expedite inspection and valuation process

> Efficiently leverage appraiser's experience and field agents

> Increase accountability and mitigate fraud

> AI photo quality control - accurate and validated

> White-label application

 AppraisalX Product Suite – The Next Generation of Appraisals

Primary uses include home equity loans, default servicing, loan acquisition/sale, portfolio analysis, appraisal review and first mortgage origination.

  • Nationwide coverage for all products
  • IAG & USPAP compliant process
  • Inspection completed by either an inspector, broker or appraiser
  • Valuation performed by a state licensed or certified appraiser
  • Fueled by extensive MLS and public records data to ensure a well-supported value conclusion
  • Consistent and fast turn times compared to 1004/2055​

 Appraisal Review Suite

​Our comprehensive data and analytics tools give lenders and servicers the reliable resources needed to ensure compliance. Our appraisal review suite provides transparency throughout the life of the loan.​

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