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​No, we do not collect any fees to become members of our panel.   However, we do require a background screening for most partners.        ​

Yes, all licensed partners that engage in valuations require a background screening.  You can easily order and share a background check with Computershare by requesting one via the CONNECT! portal.  We also allow background reports from other companies on a case-by-case basis. ​

​$59.00 if ordered via the CONNECT! portal.  This allows you to share your screening report with all ClearValue Consulting and CONNECT! valuation providers.  ​

Yes, Computershare requires Errors and Omissions coverage for any licensed partner that provides an estimate of value for real property.  We follow your states minimum policy limits.  ​

​Payments are processed weekly.  In most cases, a check will arrive within 7-10 business days after you submit the order.​

​You may manage your service area, down to the zip code within your CONNECT! profile.​​

You may upload multiple state licenses to your CONNECT! profile

​If the subject is active on MLS (Active, Under Contract, Pending) a copy of the MLS sheet is required. 

If you utilized tax records, assessor data or any other source for subject characteristics, a copy is required.    In most cases, subject characteristics will be pre-populated for you. 

To upload supporting docs within the vendor portal, click the blue button labeled "Yes-Upload Supporting Document(s)"​

​Yes, in most cases.  Click the "Comparables" button while completing the form to view and select available comps.   This will save you significant data entry time.

Please note: Option only available for BPO and hybrid valuations.​

​Client specific instructions may dictate which type of comparable properties can be used in the report.  Otherwise, you should always attempt to use comparable properties which are in similar condition to the subject. ​

​Client specific instructions may dictate if distressed comps may be utilized within your report.  Otherwise, you should always attempt to use comparable properties and transaction types which are most prevalent in your market area.  For example, if you have very few REO or Short Sale listings, avoid using them in your report.  ​

​Yes, we have a significant volume of property inspection work.  No value estimates or comps are required, just an assessment of the subject condition.   ​

​Your vendor profile can be accessed HERE

Our fulfillment platform can be accessed HERE

Please note: The vendor portal login is numeric, it is NOT your email address.  ​

​We are here to help! You may contact Computershare Valuation Services during normal business hours (7AM – 6PM Mountain Time):

Telephone: (303) 895-2600

BPO/Inspection Email:  BPO@Computershare.com

Hybrid Appraisal Email:  HybridValuations@Computershare.com

Traditional Appraisal Email:  Appraisals@Computershare.com

Appraiser Independence Hotline: (303) 895-2630 or via email: Appraiser.Independence@Computershare.com  ​

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