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​​LenderLive Network, LLC (LenderLive) offers stand-alone component fulfillment solutions structured to decrease cycle time, increase scalability and reduce costs. As part of our value, we can also assist clients with the purchase of loans on a correspondent basis. Each private label, client-specific solution offers streamlined processes for greater efficiency and additional capacity - all as a fully licensed and compliant loan fulfillment partner.  

For over 20 years, LenderLive has offered expertise and transparency to your mortgage operations. Our dedicated staff is fully aligned with your business operations to deliver transparency and best-in-class process integration and technology throughout​ the lifecycle of the loan.


​​​Comprehensive component services include:

Streamlined processing operations to maximize efficiency
> Review documentation, including 1003, W2's, pay stubs, 1008

> Manage applicable disclosures

> Order appraisal, title, insurance and other third-party services

> Order and review verifications, including VOE, VOM and VOD

> Clear conditions

> Order closing documents

> Reconcile closing figures and disclosures

> Coordinate funding
Collaborative underwriting for clear decisions and managing volume
> AUS or manual underwriting

> Document analysis, including credit report, income documents, asset and liability documentation

> Calculate all ratios

> Appraisal review

> Compliance review, including ATR, QM and non-QM

> Title and insurance review, including ordering mortgage insurance

> Fraud review

Efficient closing process flow to enhance productivity
​> Order closing instructions and documents

> Reconcile closing figures and disclosures

> Coordinate timing

> Confirm accuracy of closing numbers

> Review and resolve title issues

> Review for compliance

> Confirm disclosure tolerances and arrange for funding

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