​​A compliant, proactive approach to collections

We have been recovering client assets since 2007. Our team is extensively trained in turning balance sheet losses into recovered revenue. We use proactive customer communications and cash flow modeling to provide the best possible outcome and our contingency-based model means clients only pay on what's collected.


How we do it

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    Experienced Staff

    Our team has an average of 15 years of experience and licenses in all 50 states.

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    Compliance & Risk Management

    We collect in the most compliant manner to avoid unnecessary regulatory scrutiny.

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    Results You Can Count On

    Our cash flow model provides an estimated liquidation rate so you know what you can expect.


  • ​We recover mortgage-related products such as HELOCs and purchase money, both 1st and  2nd liens.

  • ​Unit count, UPB, geographic data, and debt type are some of the important data points we will use to gauge your opportunity and build a projected cash flow model. Once that is complete, we can outline estimated returns and set expectations. Our goal is to align our collections approach with your business priorities.

  • ​Yes. Typically, the older the charge-off, the higher the collection opportunity. If the charge-off occurred recently, there is likely very little equity, and the consumer is less likely to pay. Our cash flow model will provide details on what you can expect to recover.

  • If this is the case, we will need to know the mix of secured vs. unsecured debt and the frequency of review. We will perform an analysis at boarding and use our cash flow modeling to determine your liquidation rate. In most cases, secured assets will have a liquidation rate of around 30x more than an unsecured portfolio. If you are not verifying the lien position and status, we will incorporate lien verification and monitoring into our solution for you.
  • If this is the case, we will need to know the frequency of your review. If there has never been a statutory review and no lien verification, most of the pool is likely unsecured and uncollectable. If you are not completing regular statutory reviews, we have you covered. Our solution has a monthly statutory review process for unsecured assets. For secured assets, we will perform a statutory review prior to breaching the loan.
  • If you are working loans only reactively, we expect to outperform historical collections by at least 7x by deploying specific strategic initiatives that increase consumer engagement.
  • ​We set up each client according to their best interest. If the pool is whole-owned, you are more likely looking to liquidate quickly, where in a securitization, it is better for the assets to begin performing and pay monthly. Interest collections are key in that environment.

Debt recovery that nets results

​Our team of seasoned industry experts provides clients with the highest possible collection rates.

$1400000000UPB managed through contingency based collections

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